you will need to read the first

you will need to read the first 50 pages of The Childhood of Jesus- or the first 6 chapters. The first thing that will certainly catch your attention is the locality and setting of the the novelor the lack thereof. The young boy David and his companion Simon land in a strange city called Novilla, and one of the conditions that they must meet if they want to live there is to completely forget their past and begin again. Think of the allegorical implications behind this built up of the novel. In other words,I want you to write in a short paragraph (200 words) on the allegorical implications behind the way David and Simon land in Novilla (especially about the condition of starting over in the world of Novilla). One way to think about these characters is as refugees. For a very long time, I personally considered both David and Simon as representations of Syrian refugees (now I have changed my position on this idea), and I think the connections are obvious especially considering that the novel was published during the influx of Syrian refugees going into ******ope (and other parts of the world

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